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These are the most beautiful real-life transsexual brides, as selected by the members of the Transgender Bride group on Yahoo! Groups for 2012.

Julia (U.S. post-op transsexual), Winter 2012

(Exchanging vows with her husband, Jim on their wedding day in Connecticut, Autumn 2006.)

Ivy Michelle (U.S. post-op transsexual), Spring 2012

(Sharing a kiss with her new husband, Steven, on their wedding day. May 31, 2003 in Mountain City, Tennessee.)

Cat Tuyen (Vietnamese post-op transsexual), Summer 2012

(Signing the marriage certificate with her husband, Chinh Nhan, on their wedding day, April 7, 2008.)

Fiona (U.S. post-op transsexual), Autumn 2012

(Seen with her groom, Cecil, on their wedding day in 2008.)

Fiona (U.S. post-op transsexual)